Virtual Desktop / Switching between apps / Windows problem

Do you have a similar issue? On one virtual desktop, there’s Cubase with the Transport Panel and a video window open. On another virtual desktop, there’s, for example, Chrome or another program. You’re on the desktop with Cubase. You swipe four fingers on the touchpad to switch from Cubase to another program. Or, for those without a laptop, they press WIN+CTRL+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW. Unfortunately, the video window and transport panel windows also move to the second desktop with the other program! This is madness. For the first time, I’m really frustrated after updating the program, which I’ve had for many versions back.

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I’ve been able to replicate this.

Seems like the Cubase “always on top” windows don’t work well with Windows virtual desktops.

(I’ve also posted in your other thread about the Alt-Tab behaviour. )

The best short term workaround for using virtual desktops with Cubase I could find without additional programming/scripting is to

  • use Alt-Tab to switch from Cubase to something else
  • use Win-Ctrl-Right/Left to switch from something else to Cubase.

But of course this is far from satisfying. :frowning:

Thank you for the response. I believe that in Cubase 14 or 15, this situation will be changed. And then, it will be introduced as an innovative feature that one of the Cubase ambassadors can talk about on YouTube :frowning:

After two days of working with version 13, I can say that I’m experiencing issues with the graphics, problems with windows, and on top of that, Cubase 13 looks really unattractive. Unfortunately, the GUI looks like it’s from a few years ago – neither vintage nor modern. This is the first time I’m so dissatisfied with an update purchase, as it has caused disruptions in my workflow.