Virtual Drumline and Halion Sonic SE2


Just curious if anyone has successfully got Virtual Drumline to work with Dorico. I am a little new with Halion Sonic SE2.

How would you go about loading Virtual Drumline into Halion or would I have to keep it running in Kontak player and then connect it to Dorico?

Nick Farrell

You would need to run VDL inside Kontakt, but unfortunately at the moment it would be next to useless because there’s no way of mapping the percussion sounds in VDL’s patches to percussion staves in Dorico. Working on unpitched percussion is a high priority for us, though it’s too big a job for us to have any significant improvements in the forthcoming first post-release update. We will be working on it ASAP though!

Yes, percussion mapping is a big deal, and not one handled particularly well in recent releases of Finale; so I look forward to your solution as soon as you have it ready for release.