"Virtual" folders in pool audio folder

Hey folks,

When i record something, it goes into the “audio” folder in the project folder.

I can create other folders in the pool, and designate these as the “record folder”, but these appear to be “virtual” folders, because if i browse in windows to the location, there are no other folders and all recorded audio files are in “audio”.

I guess there is some logic to this, but the downside is that it only makes sense when viewed in the pool. If one, for whatever reason, wants to browse the project files in windows, it’s just a big mess of all files jumbled together.

Perhaps i’m not understand something here, could anyone tell me if i’ve basically got the gist of it, and have to live with it, or if there’s any way to tweak it so that stuff actually gets recorded into real alternative folders?

Thanks! …J

+1 for enlightenment.
And a physical trash folder in the pool.