virtual guitar (shreddage)

I’ve toyed with the idea of a guitar vst for some time now. I can play guitar but not that well, so a good library would come in handy.

I’ve looked at all the big guns, MusicLabs etc but they all seem a little finickity or out of my price range.

I just discovered Impact Soundworks’ Shreddage

Sounds pretty good to me and only $49! However, it is all D-i’d. I already have Kontakt 4 which does have some basic guitar stuff I could re-amp through an amp sim.

anyone else used this? could recommend it?

If you did ever get this, be good to know how you got on with it.? :slight_smile:

Yeah I did get it actually! and its bloody fantastic!

Haven’t quite mastered it yet but here’s a track I knocked up with it as a quick test

they’ve just released Shreddage X too which adds loads more articulations and generally looks great

Nice one Dan.

Checked the track, sure got great vibe and energy to it. those guitars sure have some realism about them. I mean if you didnt know,… well youd never know would you :slight_smile:


Yeah exactly! I mean I can hear the repetition especially in the pinch harmonics, but I could have tweaked them a bit more if needed. The new features in Shreddage X look great! Vibrato, portamento and tremolo picking