Virtual Guitarist 2 after new license system

After steinberg implements new licensing system and gets rid of elicenser. will discontinued products like my beloved Virtual Guitarist 2 be useable ?


Virtual Guitarist 2 as VST2 32-bit plug-in was discontinued many many years ago already.

But in general, yes, you will be able to use older USB-eLicneser only based plug-ins, if you keep your USB-eLicenser.

I still use vg2 through jbridge. As long as you keep the dongle safe it should continue to work but eventually it will be lost. A good reminder though to render any material you have done with vg2. Saying that it’s good practice to do that anyway.

I will miss vg2 myself as there is still nothing that replaces some of the rhythms. UJAM have some decent ones I use now but I keep coming back to vg2 for a bit if wah and end of note feedback.

We should get a few more years out of it yet though.

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I’m on MacOS Monterey, trying to figure out a way to use this amazing virtual instrument because Monterey doesn’t support 32bit

Yes I know it’s discontinued many years ago but there’s no sample library or virtual instrument that can replace it. Not even close.


The only way I could possibly imagine is using jBridge.

I recently got a MacBook, for portability reasons, the new MacOS doesn’t support 32bit plugins nor software


I know, it doesn’t support the software. But I can’t imagine, how it could “not suport” the plug-in. I can imagine, the installer is not supported. But if you already unpack the package, I believe, you can just copy the plug-in file to the folder. Then the jBridge should see it.

At the other hand, I would just give it up. Cubase doesn’t support it officially, the system doesn’t support it officially. Could be risky to use it.

I’m on windows but still had to run the vg v2 disk and then this asked me for the v1 disk to prove I have it. Then it installs the plugin. I found copying the plugin didn’t work but as I said I’m on windows.

By the way it works fine with jbridge on win 11

But what about after Steinberg introduces dongle-less licensing system ?
Will old software like VG2 still require dongle old would it be able to run on new licensing system ?


Yes, it will require USB-eLicenser forever. The plug-in itself would need to be updated, what is not going to happen.

I hope it will work on new steinberg’s license system without the dongle.
I use many outdated steinberg’s plugins that rely on steinberg’s dongle

VG2 and other no longer supported plugins will also need the USB-eLicenser in the future and can be used as long as the operating system supports the eLicenser and the eLCC. You shouldn’t hope that the VG2 license will be ported to the new Steinberg licensing system, it won’t happen.

I have vg2 and as said it will definitely not happen. This is a legacy product now and hasn’t been supported for a long time as well as being 32bit.

I will continue to use with my dongle until it no longer works