Virtual Guitarist "Electric Edition" Problem...


This is my first post here and was hoping that someone would be able to help me…

I use FL Studio (V10.09) and have installed Virtual Guitarist “Electric Edition” and opened it up and when i have it in a song and access it by midi notes, it seems to just go out of sync with the the internal groove within Virtual Guitarist “Electric Edition” so i stop it, play the keyboard holding down a hey and it plays fine…then i start the song and it’s all unsynced again but it’s not the DAW, it’s the rythem that’s within Virtual Guitarist “Electric Edition” that is wacked out.

I’m only playing 1 midi note at a time to actuate the patern of Virtual Guitarist “Electric Edition” but it does not seem to act rite.

I reset my DAW hoping that it might be an internal glitch within my DAW but reset all the properties and the same thing from a NEW song, any ideas here at all?

I’m only playing on midi chanel 1 not midi chanel 16 so i know it’s not that.

Thank you for any help at all as i see that there is no support for this product any longer and wish i could get my hands on VG2, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:


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