Virtual Guitarist no content in Snow Leopard Cubase 5

I wanted to use VG in redoing an old project I’d made years ago. Got out my old MacPro running Snow Leopard and installed Cubase 5 & Virtual Guitarist I had from the Cubase SE Virtual Instruments Collection CD. As it says n the installation notes VG will not find its contents when first opened up. But when I click on OK as directed all I get is a blank white window that does not allow me to continue to locate the content. Everything happens just as the install notes say it will but when I get to the place I can manually locate the contents the blank white window has no buttons or drop downs showing to allow me to go any further. The blank window stays on top of anything I open to try to restore it. I’ve modified resolution on the screen, repaired permissions, etc but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions out there? Thanks much for any help.