Virtual Guitarist! Virtual Bassist!

Can you explain exactly how you have managed to install VG1 on your Windows 7 machine. (I also have VG 1 Electric Edition)

I cannot get beyond the start screen of the install disk, it says something about unable to update the registry.

I would love to know how you managed to install it.

Actually reading a bit more of the thread someone posted that they simply waited 15 minutes and the install came back to life - sounds a bit crazy, but at this stage I’ll try anything to get VG1 and VG EE working again in Cubase 6 Windows 7 - I really miss these VI’s (not to mention the £300 they cost me!)


As far as I remember I installed Virtual Guitarist (1) from the original installer disk. I am not sure if I had to do something special to install it. It is almost 2 years since I installed the VG1. But I have it running fine on my Cubase 6.5 64-bit on Windows 7 now.

The Virtual Guitarist EE has a newer installer found here:

The name of the file is: VG_EE_Installler_Update.exe

I also have Virtual Guitarist EE running on Windows 7

Hi themarqueeyears.

Read this:

Hi Haraldsson

Thanks for your time, I appreciate your replies.


I am in a Mac quad core intel xeon- version 10.6.8
I cannot open VG2 in Cubase 6.5.1 64 bits, why!!! Help someone?..

I am running VG2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 Cubase 6.5.0 64-bit.

When I’m trying to run the Virtual Guitarist installer on OSX, after clicking Install or continue than “Accept” a small blank screen comes up and nothing

Maybe Steinberg will team up with Air/Wizoo again, and update these best virtual instruments. Let’s hope

Virtual Guitarist 2 still running - now in Cubase 6.5.3 64-bit on Mac… all good so far.

VG2 might run, i dunno I don’t have Vg2, but VG1 doesn’t

On windows 7 64 bit with cubase 7.01 VG2 still runs, even in vstbridge, while other apps crash VG keeps running happily. This is a good designed plugin, after all this time it is still installable and runnable, great!

But then again I did submit and urged SB to get it back!

Hey Everybody!

Well, patience really is the key with the “Updating the registry”-issue on Win 7 64-bit with VG. After reading this thread I thought I might also try to install it and just leave it in the background. And after surfing / doing other things a bit the logo suddenly blinked and the install-process continued.

Now I can run everything like on XP. Just amazing! Okay, I had to install my Cubase 5 as 32-bit Version, because “The Grand 2” made trouble in the 64-bit version. But ReWiring with Reason also just works in 32-bit Mode with Cubase 5, so that this should be the best solution for using every feature from the existing software on a new system.

Best regards

Well, I have these fine instruments working really great. Have found that I can never “UPGRADE” Cubase 6. If I do I lose them all. Sad

Hi Jack.

I am using Cubase 7.0.5 and everything running fine, Virtual Guitarist 2, and Virtual Bassist.

Thanks “haraldsson” for letting me know that but I am so happy the way things are I will leave it alone. I don’t need the hassle at this stage of the game in my life. I really don’t know enough to move forward. I’m groping all the time
on the computer when I move ahead and afraid I’ll lose more than I gain.

I purchased the original VG back in the day, but somewhere along the line I’ve lost it. I have a couple songs where I used the Wah Wah patches (since my own attempts at Disco Era wah failed miserably). I wish Steinberg would post access to the PC version in the Legacy downloads section –

Aloha T,
After reading haraldsson’s post:

I am running VG2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 Cubase 6.5.0 64-bit.

I got encouraged but then I remembered (like what you posted):

Same situation here. :frowning:

Virtual Guitarist 2 and Virtual Bassist still working… now in Cubase 7.5 64 bit on Mac OSX Maverick. :slight_smile:

But would still be nice to have these two updated to today’s standards!

I would like to know if they will work also (on win 64bit)

Virtual Guitarist works fine on windows 7 64 bit. I have it jbridged on Cubase 7.06