Virtual Guitarist! Virtual Bassist!

When I’m trying to run the Virtual Guitarist installer on OSX, after clicking Install or continue than “Accept” a small blank screen comes up and nothing

Maybe Steinberg will team up with Air/Wizoo again, and update these best virtual instruments. Let’s hope

Virtual Guitarist 2 still running - now in Cubase 6.5.3 64-bit on Mac… all good so far.

VG2 might run, i dunno I don’t have Vg2, but VG1 doesn’t

On windows 7 64 bit with cubase 7.01 VG2 still runs, even in vstbridge, while other apps crash VG keeps running happily. This is a good designed plugin, after all this time it is still installable and runnable, great!

But then again I did submit and urged SB to get it back!

Hey Everybody!

Well, patience really is the key with the “Updating the registry”-issue on Win 7 64-bit with VG. After reading this thread I thought I might also try to install it and just leave it in the background. And after surfing / doing other things a bit the logo suddenly blinked and the install-process continued.

Now I can run everything like on XP. Just amazing! Okay, I had to install my Cubase 5 as 32-bit Version, because “The Grand 2” made trouble in the 64-bit version. But ReWiring with Reason also just works in 32-bit Mode with Cubase 5, so that this should be the best solution for using every feature from the existing software on a new system.

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Well, I have these fine instruments working really great. Have found that I can never “UPGRADE” Cubase 6. If I do I lose them all. Sad

Hi Jack.

I am using Cubase 7.0.5 and everything running fine, Virtual Guitarist 2, and Virtual Bassist.

Thanks “haraldsson” for letting me know that but I am so happy the way things are I will leave it alone. I don’t need the hassle at this stage of the game in my life. I really don’t know enough to move forward. I’m groping all the time
on the computer when I move ahead and afraid I’ll lose more than I gain.

I purchased the original VG back in the day, but somewhere along the line I’ve lost it. I have a couple songs where I used the Wah Wah patches (since my own attempts at Disco Era wah failed miserably). I wish Steinberg would post access to the PC version in the Legacy downloads section –

Aloha T,
After reading haraldsson’s post:

I am running VG2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 Cubase 6.5.0 64-bit.

I got encouraged but then I remembered (like what you posted):

Same situation here. :frowning:

Virtual Guitarist 2 and Virtual Bassist still working… now in Cubase 7.5 64 bit on Mac OSX Maverick. :slight_smile:

But would still be nice to have these two updated to today’s standards!

I would like to know if they will work also (on win 64bit)

Virtual Guitarist works fine on windows 7 64 bit. I have it jbridged on Cubase 7.06

Running vg2 on window 8 64bit and c7.5 with the steinberg bridge no problem very steady!

Please tell me where you can buy a license for a Virtuals Bassist and Groove Agent?

You can buy groove agent 3 in the steinberg on line shop, virtual bassist isn’t available anymore, suggest places as eBay, however be carefull becuase if you buy it make sure you get the license tied to the usb dongle included otherwise you can’t install it! I think steinberg has also special rules about exchanges / selling used licenses!

Please Steinberg. These plugins are the best and will be the best unless VG3 and hypersonic 3 comes out.

at least make VG2 and HS2 work on OSX 10.8 and 10.9

Steinberg has the Halion 5 platform on which such functionality should be possible to build, Come on Steinberg you know this …make use of the situation…VG2 is very popular!!!

Well, now it’s time again to ask Steinberg do do something about Virtual Guitarist 2 and Virtual Bassist. By their last announcement - Future-proof OS: Relying on 64-bit, end of 32-bit - it looks like its gonna be difficult to keep these great instruments alive.

Virtual Guitarist 2
Virtual Bassist

I still hope that Steinberg listens… :wink: