Virtual instrument that came with Sequel Le CI1

Ok since i cant post on the Sequel or Sequel Le forum, i will ask here

I bought the Ci1 and it came with Sequel Le… the vst on Sequel are pretty nice but i dont use Sequel… i use Mixcraft.

SO can i play the Sequel virtual instruments on my mixcraft… i tried to scan for vst/vsti but could not add those vst

Is there a way i can use them like i do for other vst… like in kontakt, i have the kontakt player and in Mixcraft, when i load a vst/vsti, i choose Kontakt from within Mixrcraft and load the player then play the instruments. I dont want to be stuck with Sequel then export the wave then add it to Mixcraft then mix it

Thank you for your help

BTW, CI1 is an amazing little device… love it!!!

Hello RaidX,

Sequel LE is not a VST instrument. It is a program on it’s own.



I know its a program… but there is a list of instruments that i can use with my keyboard in Sequel… can i use them in another DAW??

They look like virtual instruments to me!

Can someone answer me please!!!

No, they can’t be used anywhere but Sequel.

How do you change chords with an instrument along with your recorded song when you add one of the the category/subcategory programed instruments, like a bass?

Here is my answer to my own question after great struggles to figure it out as a newbi: You don’t dhange chords, like I’m used to doing in Band-In-A-Box. The instrument clips are simply examples of what the midi instrument sounds like. Once you connect your midi keyboard (another story) or select Sequel’s screen keyboard in a track, the notes played on the midi instrument have the tone of the selected “instrument”… i.e., you play the keyboard but it sounds like the instrument you’ve selected.