Virtual Instrument to audio track

I was absolutely shocked to find the only way to record a virtual instruments output to an audio track in Cubase Artist 8.5 was to bounce an audio mixdown. I thought I was doing something wrong with the routing and couldn’t believe that a function so simple as routing a buss to an audio track input wouldn’t be available. I found it even more bizarre as there is no mention of this feature in the comparison page on the Steinberg site.

I actually got around the problem by routing the SPDIF out to my SPDIF in as a solution but it seems pretty ridiculous that I have to do this.

I hope Steinberg will incorporate an easy way to route a virtual instrument to an audio track in a future release as it seems like a pretty straightforward workflow thing.

  • Create Group track
  • Set VST instrument output to that group channel.
  • Create Audio track
  • Set the input for the audio channel to the group track…enable monitor / record and voila.
  • If you are using Elements, I believe the option to route instrument tracks to Groups is unavailable.

Yeah I tried the Group track route but that can’t be routed to an audio input either in Artist and I assume Elements.

I am still absolutely baffled why they wouldn’t allow such simple bread and butter routing. Audio mixdown is no good to me because what I do is mess around with Reaktor, Bazille or just a synth for 20 minutes, chop out good bits and drag them into Halion.

It is such a shame because Cubase Artist is more than enough DAW for my needs, it is certainly not worth me shelling out over £250 to be able to choose a buss as an input source. Luckily I have a spare SPDIF in and out to get around the limitation.

Yeah the bus routing thing is limited to Pro only I’m afraid.

Another workaround to avoid physical cabling is to use a plugin such as this one: