Virtual Instrument-Updates already included in Cubase-Updates?

Hello everyone,

I stumbled upon a question:
when updating the main Cubase program - are the virtual unstruments like Groove Agent 5 SE / Retrologue 2 / Padhsop etc updated with it?
Because in the Steinberg Download Assistant (on Silicon MacOS) Groove Agent is installed green BUT Retrologue is NOT. But Retrologue 2 shows the actual version when opened in Cubase 12 (Artist).
PLEEEEASE people at Steinberg once again do a overall consistent Download Tool or whatever Website to see EVERYthing in one place with license, with version and not this here and there endless search …
Thaaaaank you :slight_smile:

Cubase updates (e.g. 12.0.52) are for the Cubase application only. Please click your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant to find the latest versions of the bundled plug-ins.

Ah yes, right thank you!
But is it normal that under “VST Instruments & Plugins” Groove Agent shows up green / installed but Retrologue 2 shows as uninstalled?
Or did I maybe double install Groove Agent?

It sounds like you downloaded GA SE from the separate Groove Agent SE entry instead of the one for your version of Cubase. That should cause no issues.

Both show green installed, so one can be uninstalled?

You don’t have to. Checking again, the Retrologue download for Cubase is downloaded to a different folder than if you download it from the separate Retrologue entry. If you have the latest version, then one of them should have the green bar showing that it’s installed.

It stays both green installed (just GA 5 SE). I just deinstalled one and afterwards it is gone in both places, after reinstalling it is the same…
double de double :face_with_peeking_eye: