Virtual Instruments disappearing when switching to another app


I experience my Virtual Instrument windows disappearing when switching to a different app. For example, if I switch from Dorico to Safari, when I’m back to Dorico the instruments’ windows are no longer shown, despite the ‘e’ icon being lit.

It happens at least with VSL VIPRO and Kontakt 6. Not tried with other plugins.

Mac HS, latest release.

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I’m wondering whether these windows don’t hide behind other windows… Thing for sure is, if I want to get them on top, I have to click twice on the e round button.

Indeed the plug-in windows then just hide behind other windows. Dorico’s audio engine - which hosts the instruments - is running in it’s own process, therefore Dorico does not know directly of those windows and also can’t bring them back to front. The workaround is as Marc mentioned.

I confirm: they were hidden behind the windows of the other apps. Thank you for pointing me toward it.