Virtual instruments in Artist 6

I’ve been using Artist 6 for a few years but have never tried to use any virtual instruments. I loaded up Halion 1 but there doesn’t seem to be any instruments there. On my installation discs there only seem to be trial versions.
Is this right, that Artist 6 doesn’t have virtual instruments?

That doesn’t seem right. You might try to install Cubase again: it will first show you an overview of which parts are already installed, and maybe there it shows VST instrument sets that weren’t installed before.

It appears that Artist 6 only has a trial version of Halion and you have to buy the proper version which I will not be doing. I have given Cubase enough money already and think that it should include Halion like previous versions did!

You should have HALion Sonic SE included with Artist 6, along with a few others I believe.

Yes, Cubase artist 6 comes with Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent One, Spectre, Prologue, Mystic and I might be missing some. Plenty to start out with!

I have all the others but not Halion SE for some reason.

So I’ve now got Halion SE and the presets are showing but when I try and load one I get the message, “Loading program failed” or “No layer edit page found”

Any ideas?

I’ve tried re-installing it but am still getting the messages above. The ‘First contact’ is the only preset that works, it can’t find any of the others.
Does anyone know how to solve this?