Virtual keyboard doesn't show numbers (on black keys)

Virtual keyboard works for “white” keys (QWERTYUI) only, for “black” keys should work numbers (2,3,5,6 etc.) but I see different ones (there are playable but not in logical way, e.g. note D# is on key A, see picture) or none (e.g. C#).

I tried unsuccessfully

  • restart OSX
  • change “input source” from my language “Czech-qwerty” to English
  • search similar problem on web

Any advise?

Cubase 8.0.20 (64bit)
MacBook Pro
OSX Yosemite 10.10.3
virtual keyboard.png


You are probably not using English language, in Cubase (I would guess, you are using French), right? If you also switch the keyboard layout on the system level, to the same one (French), then it works, as expected.


no, I’m using English as main Cubase language.

Now I tried unsuccesfully:

  • change to another language (German, then Czech)

Hi (Zdravím do Čech),

Is your system language set to English, or Czech?


my system is set to English. I just tried to change the language (first German than Czech) to be sure that it doesn’t solve the problem.

Hi Filip,

Unfortunately, this is because of officially unsupported Czech language. If I use the XML file with this language, then this issue appears. If I use the original one, it works as expected.

I will investigate more.

Sorry for this, and thank you for the information.