Virtual keyboard not open

Virtual keyboard doesn’t open by pressing Alt+K. Some weeks ago it works - brings up with Transport Panel. But now if I press that combination, Transport Panel opens, but virtual keyboard isn’t active. I can pres rightmouse and select to show virtual keyboard, then all is okay, but anyway I cannot activate and deactivate it by pressing shortkey. Even if I redefine to any other key combination to open virtual keyboard. Any other functionality with key commands works fine, no problems.

I read here various solutions about configuration issues - just hiding configuration file and Cubase will generate new one. Should I do something like that?


This is fixed in Cubase 9.5. Maybe it will be ported back to Cubase 9 (I don’t know).

Thank you!

You know my opinions about 9.5, but anyway I’m going to upgrade to full pro version.

Martin, is already installed Artist 9.0 the same as Pro 9.0 and by upgrading to 9.5 Pro existing installation becomes 9.0 Pro?

I hope that new year comes with an 9.6 without bugs. Summer is over, it should be cold and stable as iceberg. I believe in German’s quality :wink:


Pro and Artist is one application. The license decides what features are available.

Installation of 9.5 will install Artist/Pro version and you need an Artist or Pro 9.5 license.

Thank you! Great! :slight_smile: