Virtual Keyboard/Physical Keyboard Issue Explained

Good Way to test your physical keyboard output

Create a project and add any VST instrument

Press Alt-K or go to the Devices menu and select the Virtual Keyboard. If necessary press the Tab key to view the keyboard gui instead of the piano roll.

Attempt to play 3 notes at the same time using the “Q”, “W” and “E” OR the “W”, “E” and “R” keys - This should work fine. All 3 notes should play with no issues.

Now attempt to play the “E”,“R” and “T” OR ANY OTHER VARIATION OF KEYS simultaneously and if only 1 or 2 notes out of the three are registered as being pressed by the virtual keyboard, then you have a standard physical keyboard.


this has nothing to do with cubase, but depends on the implementation of your keyboard-controller.

Works fine here, no limit to the number of simultaneous keys pressed.


Note that the maximum number of notes that can be played at one time varies between the different operating systems and hardware configurations.



It would be a serious bug if anyone ever used the virtual keyboard. :mrgreen:
Certainly not the serious musicians’ choice of input instrument.

This is normally an issue due to the type of typing keyboard you are using.

Normal keyboards don’t allow you to press more than a few keys at the same time. If you want true “press any amount of keys at the same time”, you need to get a specialized keyboard which has a feature called “n-rollover”. I am typing on one now (a Filco mechanical switches keyboard).

Most professional mechanical switches keyboards and gaming keyboards have that feature. Most standard ones don’t.

Of course not but its useful on the laptop when I’m out and about. :wink:

Thats understandable, guess I’ll have to stick with the MIDI Keyboard.

I’ll change the title now.