Virtual Keyboard - update for Cubase 14

We need to see a better virtual keyboard in cubase 14.
First of all, there should be a key command for switching octaves. It’s really annoying to have to do it manually.
Secondly, it would better to have it start at A and not Q like all other DAWs and virtual instruments in standalone mode. I haven’t seen any other platform have the same keys as in Cubase.
So the white keys should be ASDFGHJK and the Black keys should be WE TYU.
The octave switches should be Z and X.
I find this much easier visually. Here’s an example:

Thank you!

There already is. Use Left/Right arrow keys.

And only have one octave available instead of more than two? I disagree.

Trackers from back in the day. :wink:


Oh I didn’t know you could use left/right arrow keys. Thanks for that! Well haha I guess I’ll have to live with it for now. But an idea could be is for the virtual keyboard to be customizable, so that anyone can choose to have it the way they want it to be.

Click the little dot (number 2 in the picture) to change to Piano Keyboard mode, which allows the extra range (using zxcv… etc etc)

Oh nice! Thank you! I’ll mark this as solved, it’s much nicer to have octaves!
Thank you!

By the way, I don’t know if it’s relevant anymore nowadays, but some keyboards don’t allow every combination of keys simultaneously. Just something to keep in mind if you encounter any “holes” in your chords. :sweat_smile:

I don’t seem to have a problem! Thanks!