"Virtual" MediaBay Favorites Folders

As it is currently with Favorites, the folders need to exist in an actual location on the computer for them to be added to favorites. I’d like to be able to customize this a bit by being able to add “Virtual” or “Shortcut” folders.

For example, I get a new client project… As part of pre-production and organizing my ideas, I want to be able to create one of these Virtual Folders, and drag samples, presets, etc into it without actually copying or moving the file. It’s just a “Link” to those files.

Other Virtual Folder use case ideas: temporary folders related to projects - an “album pool” of samples, specific sound design assets, a folder for particular 5-star assets, etc, etc. The user could use this as part of creative organization.


What you describe is the function of attribute tags in the Mediabay.

I do use the attribute and I do really like my attributes, but I’m not sure I would describe them as the same function. Perhaps I can better explain my workflow: I’m utilizing attributes to find interesting and relative samples of which I come across many. I want to put them somewhere for later like a “shopping cart” and that is where my virtual folder idea comes into play.

Another way to explain would be, the attributes are great for finding things, ordering them, creating custom labels - but - you can’t really search 10 different samples at the same time.

Just being able to create a virtual folder for “Don’t Forget About These” as in, stumbling across some great samples you want to use or had forgot you had.

Yes, I could create custom attributes, and I actually have, to group certain things together… But it’s not always easy working with attributes, and sometimes I don’t have time to dig in there. It’s just easier and faster to drag into a folder when you’re in the middle of something else.