Virtual MIDI Router for Windows 10 x64

As many of you know Windows can only assign one MIDI device to one specific program at any given time.

With this behavior annoying things happen like:
Having to close & reopen Cubase when my MIDI keyboard was not already attached, even if no other program had been using the MIDI device before.
Not possible inputting notes in Dorico, minimizing it and then use the MIDI keyboard in Cubase without having to close Dorico.
Currently, I am setting up my nanoKontrol Studio, which takes some trial & error - trying things out in Cubase/Dorico then making some adjustments in the Korg Kontrol Editor. Until now, I always had to close one then open the other (&repeat), so I did some research.

A MIDI Thru connection resolves this issue, and it is questionable why Windows 10 has not implemented this feature by now.
For this I need a Virtual MIDI Cable and a Virtual MIDI Router. I think I have found a good cable called loopMIDI.
As a router I have experimented with Bome Midi Translator Classic, which works, but only allows one MIDI In & Out as far as I know.

Could anybody point me to other possible programs? I am looking for a program which I once set up with all my routings and then always auto-starts at startup, so I don’t have to worry pluging in my MIDI devices before I open Cubase/Dorico plus I can use my MIDI device with all the programs at the same time.

Any suggestions pointing in the right direction are appreciated!

Plogue Bidule?


my choice: MidiTranslator Pro. It is not only midi router, but advanced midi-keystroke-macro tool.
More information: