Virtual midi

Hello all

Im new to iPad music apps. Ive been enjoying Cubasis so far. I have a question regards virtual midi.

I understand I can use virtual midi to allow Cubasis to control 3rd party instrument apps. What I dont know is if the synths send midi back to Cubasis. As in, Can I play my synth and have cubasis record the midi note data? Or is all the midi data created on Cubasis side, and it can send that data to synths, but not receive.

Any clarity would be appreciated.


Yes. But you have to set it up. With your synth in the AudioBus input slot and Cubasis in the output create a midi track set your synth to send midi and Cubasis to record it from the same channel. Make sure Cubasis created an audio track for the synth, if not create one and set it to receive from your synth in AudioBus. Enable recording for audio and midi set the time marker where you want to start. Switch to your synth. In the AudioBus launch panel hit record for Cubasis, jam away.

Thanks Surfer

I was mainly asking about being able to record midi from the synth as opposed to audio. Im aware of audiobus and its ability to record audio tracks - although ive never tried it. It looks worth it just for the ease at which you can switch between audio apps.

But still, im not clear as to whether I can record midi from a synth app into cubase? Note data to begin with, but hopefully various other parameters once automation is in there. Basically, I want to be able to play on my synth keyboard and twiddle the knobs, while having Cubase record all the midi data.