Virtual Orchestra for use with Dorico

I love working with Dorico but would like to get a more complete orchestral collection than the one included in HSO, preferably in VST 3 format. Two related questions:

  1. There seems to a connection between expression maps and VST 3. Is it that VST 3 instruments necessarily come with expression maps for their different articulations?

  2. Besides Miroslav Philharmonik 2 released earlier this year, are there any other orchestral collections available in VST 3 format? (Also, if you have used Miroslav Phil. 2, does it have included expression maps?)

I realize my questions go beyond just Dorico but hope they are connected enough to warrant inclusion on this forum.

Expression maps (Xmaps) is a feature in CUBASE and can be used with any library VST3 or VST2. An equivalent functionality is now being developed in Dorico. Since they share the basics you can import Cubase expression maps into Dorico and adapt them there as necessary. You may be able to find Xmps for Miroslav Phil 2 in the Cubase forums or on the Steinberg site, but I doubt they come with the library…

From my side of the fence,
orchestral collection means :

«Vienna Symphonic Librarie»
«Special Edition Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, Extended»
is one of the best !

Cubase expression maps are already done for this package…

it depends of your needs.

It’s hard to beat VSL. Dimension Strings and Dimension Brass are probably the best orchestral libraries you can buy, along with their Woodwinds and Solo Strings libraries.