Virtual Piano on Ipad Pro


For my work on the road I’m searching a good Piano App on the iPad Pro that I can use as keyboard for Dorico on Mac Book Pro. Suggestions?

I have an app called Virtuoso Piano, which is good enough at displaying a keyboard and making noises. It claims to support iOS’s Bluetooth MIDI framework, and there’s an icon and settings menu for that.

But I’ve never been able to make the connection work with my Mac, either through Bluetooth or “Network” MIDI.

Hello, I can recommend three apps when it comes to sending midi data via iPad onscreen keyboard:

Music Studio Lite (freeware)

Bismark bs-16i, which is a 16 channel sampler module.

Cubasis, it may be oversized to use it only for this task, but it’s good to have and like a swiss army knife on iPad.

I can only speak for use via USB, since my Mac doesn’t support BluetoothLE.

After connecting the iPad via USB, it appears on the Mac in “Audio-Midi-Setup” under “Network” with a green dot.
Select your iPad and press “connect”. Now in your iOS App you can select network-session as a midi-out destination.

PS: last step: Start Dorico