VIrtualGuitarist 2 not working in C10 on Mac high Sierra

Installed virtual guitarist 2 on Mac high Sierra, but plug in is not appearing in cubase and when trying to run stand alone an error comes up that the software is only for PPC (non-intel Mac) ,
how can I make VG2 vsti work ?

Correct me if im wrong but isn’t it 32bit?

I’m pretty sure that it is 32bit.
I have 32lives and JbridgerM and none of them can detect the 32 bit version to wrap it to 64bit.

Plus I’ve seen YouTube videos of people running Virtual Guitarist 2 on high Sierra, so it should be doable somehow

What else can I try ??

Did you try jbridge before? I mean with other 32bit plugins?
I’m using it with some plugins and jbridge is working fine but I don’t have Virtual Guitarist to try it.

got a step closer to make this work:

reinstalled entire Mac OS from back up.
reinstalled VG2.
now VG2 standalone and plugin thru JbridgeM are working.

but, vg2 cant detect content folder because .plist file is missing! I reinstalled VG again and still no .plist file.

can someone send me “com.steinberg.VirtualGuitarist2.plist” file please

Ok so I got the .plist file from one generous person,
Edited it per instruction, but still no content in VG2.
What can be the problem ?