Virus TI Choppy Midi


I’ve recently discovered a problem I’ve been having with my Virus TI is on Cubase’s end and not the synth.

When connected via usb, after a while the midi notes from my track Events start to sound very choppy on the Virus, almost as if Cubase is feeding shortened midi information to the Synth. This does not happen when playing my midi keyboard, only when playing back inputted midi events. The only way to rectify it is by reconnecting the Virus usb, until it happens again (20 minutes later) which can be very frustrating.

I’ve recently tested out other DAWs and this issue seems not to exist at all and I’ve since found a few forum posts online with people on Cubase having the same issue.

Has anyone here had a similar issue with a Virus or any other usb Hardware synth and know of a workaround or fix?