Virus TI drivers causing MIDIServer crash in OSX


I don’t know if this is a cubase or virus TI related problem, I’m reporting it here anyways.
Here’s what happens:

Cubase starts fine, everything is running smooth until I try to record a midi track. Playing notes after the precount doesnt work at all, i can’t see/hear any of the played notes.
After that, even if I stop the sequencer I’m unable to play (no midi input shown while playing, midi input ports are temporarily deactivated).
After a few seconds I begin to hear some of the notes I played but like if I played them really slow.
Closing the project causes a crash. The crash report says it has something to do with virus TI drivers, so I tried to uninstall them and it worked fine until I reinstalled them (tried different versions with the same results)

Cubase 6.5 / 7 are working without any trouble.
I’m running cubase pro 8 on OSX 10.9.5

If you need further infos please let me know and sorry for my bad english. :mrgreen: