Virus TI plugin detection - accomplished

Only yesterday I installed my brand new and first Cubase ever - Artist 7.0.0.
It may be my fault that I decided to try to get the VST for my Virus TI2 Polar working today without consulting the operation manual.
I tried to make MediaBay detect the Virus Ti.dll in several folders where other VST plugins are located by default but without any success - rescans did not return any results in any folders I copied the file in.
The Plug-in Information window contained one Virus TI.vst3 plugin already, but it apparently was not the right one - the one that would make Virus TI instrument appear in the VST Intruments window in the list of avalilable instruments.
Then I decided to try one the VST2.x plug-in paths in the Plug-in information window. Out of the 3 default paths only the 3rd existed on my PC. Copying the Virus Ti.dll to that folder and clicking on Update in the Plug-in information window finally did the trick.
When the plugin is ticked, Virus TI intrument should appear in list of available instruments in the VST Intruments window.
I temporarily unchecked the correct plugin as seen in the C7virusTI.jpg picture just to prove my point.

I just wanted to post my observations for other newbies who like myself struggle with getting the Virus Ti plugin working in Cubase.

thx you mate,
i will soon install my Ti with cubase 7 :smiley: