'VIS_Synthesizers_' midi loops in mediabay

Hi all. I have a load of MIDI loops in my mediabay titled VIS_Synthesizers_ such as VIS_Synthesizers_Changes, VIS_Synthesizers_Dreamtime and so on. There are about 20 groups. None of them play however. I’m wondering if there needs to be something installed to get them working? I don’t think they are part of any content set I’ve purchased. I’m not sure what VIS_Synthesizers is? Many thanks!

Never heard of such so I googled “VIS_Synthesizers_Changes” as well as “VIS_Synthesizers_Dreamtime” and came up with absolutely nothing. Of course that sparked my curiosity!
Have you tried dragging one of these MIDI files to a MIDI Track and opened them in the MIDI List Editor to see what they contain?

You cant audition them, and I’ve dragged them into a project and they do appear but don’t play- so no instrument seems to be associated.

Just drag them to a MIDI Track or Instrument Track and route to a synth of your choice. MIDI files doesn’t have an association with any particular instrument by design.

Hi there. Fair enough, but these are midi loops, not midi files. What I don’t understand is why these loops don’t play as apposed to the vast majority that do.

I can only guess it is because you don’t have the VST Instrument that were used to create these MIDI Loops.