Visibility Agent - MixConsole

Hi folks,

Please try this:

  • Create a blank project

  • Add two audio tracks (Audio 01 and Audio 02) respectily.

  • Solo Audio 01 track and open Mixconsole.

  • Select “Show only selected channels”.

Result: Works as expected: Only track 01 is exhibited on Mixconsole.


  • On the project window, solo the Audio 02 track.

What is supposed to happen?

Result: On the mixer console nothing happened. Audio 01 still the only channel on MC.

If I select again the agent “Show only selected channels”, Audio 02 track is exhibited on MC.

I’m not sure if this is a normal behavior but in my personal opinion, this agent event may be more useful if when you trigger the event itself, in this case SOLO the tracks on project window, the agent understand and apply the filter to MC.

Any advise?



apply the filter to MixerConsole automatically instead the need to select Agents -> Show only selected channels


Unfortunately, MixConsole doesn’t change the visibility of channel dynamicaly. Once you set the Agents, it will make (display) changes. But when you change anything, the MixConsole looks exactly the same.

In my own opinion, the biggest problem is, when you choose “Show Channel for Tracks with Data at the Cursor Position”. This is not update itself. So the MixConsole display tracks, which are at the Cursor Position just at the moment, when you call this function. I think, it would be nice to have possibility to update it automaticly, in Preferences.