Visibility Agents - consistency betw. Mixer/Project wind.

The title should imply quite well what I’m looking for. It appears to me that there is one set of Visibility Agents for the mixer, and another for the project window. It seems to me it’d be far better to have the same agents available for both. For example:

"Show channels that are connected to the first selected channel" exists in the Mixer only (as far as I can see). Using VCAs we now have a powerful tool for quickly selecting tracks for more detailed tweaking. It’s a DAW-style “VCA spill” essentially. It will allow you to have in the mixer all the VCAs visible, and by simply selecting the one whose controlled individual tracks you want to modify (individually) you can now just select that visibility agent and all of those channels will be visible, and none of the others. A great time saver. IF Nuendo correctly communicates with control surfaces (I don’t have 8+ faders connected) then they’d follow as well. Again; huge time-saver.

This should be available in the Project window as well in my opinion.

I’m guessing other people can come up with other examples where this would benefit from being consistent between the two types of windows.

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+1,000,000 !!!
I absolutely agree.
Not only VCAs, but also Groups and possibly FXs should have this “spilling” feature. It would also be great to have control over how deep to see into each associated path when there are “nested VCAs” or “nested Groups” and those groups have sends etc.
It should be more like " Show channels and all associated paths connected to the selected (attention) channel(s) ", or something to that effect. Then with further actions/commands or based on setup/prefs determine the depth of the signal flow “tree”.
e.g. I select a Group , execute SPILL and see only the tracks feeding the group, the group channel, and any FX returns that those tracks and groups may be feeding. Then see deeper with further actions or setup/prefs. Additionally, within the mixer, be able to “spill” different track types to the left and right zones. I have a few workarounds that I use but would love a more purpose-built, elegant solution.
Basically like this Avid Pro Tools | S6 Workflows: Managing Zones and VCAs - YouTube , both “DAW-style” (within Cubendo) and control surface implementation.
Hearing guys like Andrew Scheps, explain just how much of a workflow enhancer and time saver this is, I’m absolutely flabbergasted this hasn’t been implemented yet. Your post is from ‘15 and I saw another from 13’ ! This totally should have been implemented by now.
(I’m on Cubase 11, not sure if this has been addressed in Nuendo 11)