for some years different softwares (not only steinberg’s) offer a slider on the left of their windows that disappear and only appear when you roll over it.
that’s already very dumb to me. (ni access is one of those)
But steinberg pushed this to another level as the slider of visibility tab is totally hidden until you clic (not roll over) thanks to the new window management i guess ? : When you work on the edit window the Visibility column does not show the slider.
so you have to clic on the visibility column (although you left it open or not) to make it “active” to make the slider visible.
But if you clic on slider column without seeing it… chances are you’r going to : select a track because really nothing indicates you are on the slider column because nothing is visible there (and it’s freaking thin), Or it’s going to move on the wrong direction… then you have to search where you were and now scroll where you want to use it…

if you think this is a detail just add thousands of hours of work to it + other problems like when you clic on a track in visibility to make it visible then the display scrolls back to show the selected track on top of visibility wich forbids you from making multiple selections easily without scrolling and scrolling again (with the unvisible scroll button)