Visibility configuration with the Project Logical Editor

Inspired by Junky XL ( ) I started to replicate this setup, armed with my ipad and TouchOSC. I started with experimenting with the visibility configuration which didn’t seem to work at all. Specialy with Instrument Tracks and sync between arrangement and mixer enabled.

Then I came across the Project Logical Editor. This looked like it did a much better job. Combine multiple Project Logical Editor commands in a row with a macro and now I can show groups of tracks in the arrangement and mixer window with my ipad like Junky XL.

If you are interested:

  • Pick an unique prefix for your visibility groups. For example: BA_ for bass tracks, DR_ drums etc. These will be used to prefix arrangement track names and mixer lane track names which you want to see (visibility group) with a touch of a button. If you would like for example see the kick in the bass and the drums group use both prefixes: BA_DR_kick01.
  • Create a Project Logical Editor (PLE from now on) command which disables visibility for all tracks and save it.
  • Create for each visibility group you have in mind a PLE command which enables the visibility for tracks with the coresponding prefix in the name. With the OR funtion it’s possible to select on multiple prefixes.
  • make shure visibility is synced between arrangement and mixer window. Right click in the visibility area of the arrangement windows if I remember correctly.
  • now create macro’s for each group: 1) Selects the arrange as the active window, 2) hides all tracks with the corresponding PLE command and 3) shows the tracks with the corresponding prefix PLE.
  • For some reason this doesn’t work with CC in Cubase 8.0.20 so you have to assign a key command to the macro’s. Luckely TouchOSC can also send key commands. Last step is to configure your TouchOSC template with buttons which sends the corresponding key commands.

BTW: i ran into problems with multi timbral Instrument Tracks. I switched over to Rack Instruments in a early stage which works for me. Not sure if the current setup works with multi timbral Instrument tracks…

For me this is a huge improvement in my workflow. I now have more overview and know how to quickly find the stuff I need to tweak. I thougth I should share.

Let me know if you run into problems. Didn’t wite this sitting behind Cubase. If things don’t work as descibed I have to check it in my setup. Maybe make some screenshots if needed.



Ow, old post, but very relevant for me :slight_smile:

did you manage to create shortcuts for setting the hight of tracks?
I am looking to get a shortcut for “set all tracks to 2-row hight”

There’s an explicit command for that. See your thread:

got it - thanxxxxxxxxx