Visibility Configuration Workaround

So I thought I would post this as a workaround for anyone who wants to use Visibility Configurations in their projects, but avoids doing so because of new tracks being added to ALL configurations.

As it is now, if you want to keep your project clean, you have to go through each Visibility Config, remove the new tracks, and then update each config. This is a frustrating part of using this otherwise great feature idea.

Messing around with Macros I came up with a workaround for this until Steinberg comes up with an integrated solution.

Using this Macro, after a new track is added, Cubase will go through each Visibility Configuration, remove Selected tracks, and update each config. It works because by default each time a new track is added, it is by default selected.

I would love for this feature to be fleshed out more. As I would use it a lot in large projects when focusing on a certain instrument group.

Ways to improve this feature would include.

  • having a preference for “when adding a track while on a specific visibility config, the track is only added to that config and no others.”
  • having an option on the Add Track dialogue box for Visibility config. Drop down could include; add to all configs, add to current config, or being able to manually pick between configs 1-8.

    Even though the above macro makes updating each config less tedious, you still have to go back and manually add each new track to the desired config and update it. Though this requires less steps than not using a macro, it’s still not as user friendly as it could be.

hmm … I’ll give it a try, but I really with they would fix this. Unfortunately the devs don’t see it as broken. Which I just can’t understand.

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I ended up making macros that search for the channels I want visible and hide the rest, except for channels that have an “%” in the name and always hide this who has “$” in the name. If you are interested I’ll post some screenshot

Hey hey hey, great minds think alike!:

On the one hand, it’s crazy that this feature was implemented in this “broken” way.

On the other hand kudos to the developers for the macro system that lets one hack things like this to create or fix features.

I wish wish wish that Steinberg would implement my suggestion here:

This would unlock the power of macros even more, making almost anything possible.

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