Visibility configurations menus: why no sync between project window and mix console?

Hello everybody,

like the title says: why is there no syncing between the project window and mix console, regarding the custom track visibility? I find it slowing down my workflow to constantly switching between both windows, just to change the track visibility. Everything else gets synced nicely (track types, etc.). It would be really helpful to have this feature also synced. In fact, the option to 100% sync the visibility between the project window and mix console would come in handy.

Cheeres, Tomess

What do you mean exactly by “custom track visibility”?

If you enable it…

Hello Everybody, thank you for your feedback!

I mean this feature, both available in the project window and the mix console:

project window:

Mix console:

It is the same menu, but it is not syncing.

I usually make visibility groups like drums, bass, guitar, etc. It is more convenient in combination with my eucon controllers, because I don’t have to nudge through a +300 Track Song.

I hope that clears that up.

If you enable the sync then it does…

Ok. Do you save these visibility configurations as “Drums”, “Bass”, “Guitars” etc.?

If yes, then you can see that those are saved to the visibility list depending on where you created them. So, if you need to recall them, you have to do so from the right place (project OR mixconsole). Then, if you have visibility sync on, they will be updated for both the project and mixconsole.

Are you sure it’s not a matter of window focus throwing you off?

Maybe I was not clear enough again.

If I make track visibility configurations in the project window, like:

01 Drums
02 Bass
03 Gutitar

These are available from the drop down menu of the track visibility configuration in the project window. And yes, if I choose different track visibility configurations there, the mix consol will follow if I enable sync (which I did).

However, in the mix console, there is the same type of menu called channel visibility configuration. It is basically the same menu, just in the mix console and with a slightly different name.

My question (or feature request) is: is it possible to have track visibility configurations of the project window copied (synced) to the channel visibility configuration of the mix console, so I can also choose there from the drop down menu? Because at the moment, I find myself constantly switching back to the project window to change the track visibility configuration in the drop down menu, which will be synced in the mix console, to finally switch back to the mix console and have the chanels visible I want.

I hope I made it clear enough this time :slight_smile:

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No, you are clear. I cannot support the feature request though. I like how it is now. Why?

If you want to have a “Master Visibility Configuration”, you can set it up in the project window, with Track & Channel Sync on, and then use a macro: 1. Project: Bring to front 2. Visibility Configuration 1-8. This way, you ensure that you are recalling visibility configuration 1 through 8 without paying attention to focus. Edit: Without key commands, I would probably “double save” the configurations. Save one config in project window, change over to mixconsole (that is synced to the project), save there as well. Go to project, make changes, save number 2, go to mixconsole, save it there, etc etc)

The way it is set up now is: You can make 8 (or more) different configurations for the project window, 8 (or more) different configurations for the mixconsole, and then with Track & Channel Sync on, and careful focus management, have 16 different configurations at your fingertips using just 8 key commands.

That’s just the way I see it, of course. I’ll repost something I’ve written at the key command thread here as my rationale:

“If working with Sync Project & MixConsole on, I find it better to make configurations “native” to the target window. For example, in the project window I wouldn’t waste a configuration that would show me just channels 1, 4, 6, 9 and Group 1, their destination. That’s because I could easily select Group 1 in the Mixconsole, then issue the command Show Channels connected to the First Selected Channel, and have the Project window mirror the visibility change since I have Sync Project & MixConsole active. Likewise, it would feel clumsy to me to make a visibility configuration in the MixConsonole for Tracks with Data between the Locators, since I would have far better visual feedback from the project window, and the MixConsole would mirror that visibility change regardless, since, again, I have Sync Project & Mixconsole active.”

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hi, i think i’m interested in this, could you show the macro ?? It is not very clear to me what the idea is here … I also have 8 visibility agents. I activate with the numbers 1-8.

I wish you could have 8 independent ones for each mix console. (8x3 = 24)

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Hola Pablin!

The macro is simple. Start with “Bring Project to Front”, then give the command for each Visibility Configuration (Channel & Track Visibility → Visibility Configuration 1 -8). This macro will always fire the Project’s visibility configurations, even if you are focused in the Mixconsole.

In the same way, we can make a macro “Bring Project to Front” + “Mixconsole 1” (F3) + Visibility Configuration 1-8. This macro will always fire the Mixconsole’s visibility configurations, even if you are focused in the project.

The commands are the same. The visibilities between project and mixconsole are not the same. The macro will help with setting the focus to the right place, and then call the right config. So the whole point (for me) is about making different configurations for the project window and the mixconsole, in order to make the most out of the 8 assignable key commands for the configurations. If we had more keycommands to assign (Visibility Configuration 1-16, maybe I would work differently).

Wow, never thought to try this! It would be awesome if it worked.

Thank you for your detailed feedback regarding this topic, it is appreciated! I must say that even I’m using Cubase nearly on a daily basis, I did not have the need to use makros until now. I will try your solution, thanks again for your time helping me with my problem!

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It’s nothing. And sorry for highjacking your thread! :grimacing:

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I think this was a good decision, since we all learned something… :nerd_face:

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Yes, much better now…

I’m gonna try this Macro! to see if I can program it! hahahah

Thanks a lot for this “hack”
Wooooo Hoooooooo!! Works Fine!!! That trick is easier than PLE (both can make the same Action, I think) anyway, T H A N K S ! ! ! !

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