Visibility Configurations Question

As we are limited to 8 Visibility Configuration Presets, I was wonder about the View all tracks option.

I’m using that Eucontrol button on my MC Control to trigger the “View All” setup plus the 8 View Presets. But there doesnt seem to be a corresponding “View All” command in the DAW itself. I dont want to waste a preset for the “View All.” Then, from my point of view, I’m down to only 7 presets.

I’ve written 11 presets. So, I know you can have more than 8. But. I can only store 8 of them for 1 push button access. Is there any way to write a KC to access the other presets? Then, I could program them into the controller and have the hardware and software match on this function.

Does this make sense?

So IS there anyway to save each of the additional Visibility Configs, under a separate KC, that I could assign to a single recall button? If I can save the view, it has to be stored somewhere! How do I access that address to assign it to a physical recall?