Visibility: Hide new tracks added to invisible folders?

I guess I found this out the hard way…

So, if you setup some visibility configurations (for me, showing only one folder at a time of instruments (i.e, “keyboards”, “drums”, etc.) and add a new track to a folder, it will be visible for all visibility configurations and not follow your settings.

The reason? The track was added AFTER you created the visibility configuration. Thus, the track does not follow the setting.

However, I find this a mistake - if you have a configuration hiding a folder, all tracks inside should remain invisible, REGARDLESS of if they were added after the configuration was made. They’re in the invisible folder… so why make the folder visible again?

Is there any way around this? I had the terrible surprise of discovering this when my arrange window started becoming cluttered with tracks I had added that were intended to remain invisible. I want to only have to see one folder at a time without the hassle of opening/closing them repeatedly (plus there is no key command for that, as far as I know).

So, in a nutshell: Based on my visibility configurations, how can I automatically hide tracks that added to hidden folders?

This is terrible for work flow once I discovered this I stopped using project visibility configurations all together. To much work to re-sort , re save configuration over and over. Even with a ready made midi / audio template we all end up adding tracks so it’s almost worthless , it’s either an oversight that can be improved, a bug, or just the way it has to be, so maybe some of cubase old timers can chime in because I don’t think I am missing something here

Exactly. I REALLY hope they fix this soon.

In the meantime, I created a workaround of setting a key command to hide everything but the selected files. i.e, I select my “guitar” folder, press the key command, and everything else is gone. Of course, that still doesn’t fully do what I want to achieve and Cubase needs to do some serious work in this area.

Yeah, I find it very counter-intuitive.
Hope it will get fixed.