Visibility Improvement Request

I doubt that I am alone in finding the mixer fader slots for MIDI channels of no real use - this is using Cubase 13, by the way. In the full mixer window, this is no problem. We can make MIDI channels not visible, thereby removing the clutter and freeing up space for the useful channels.

However, unless I’m overlooking some trick, in mixer tab of the project window lower zone, if you make the MIDI channels not visible, you also make the tracks in the upper zone disappear, which is not what I would ever find useful. So, the request is to have a way to keep the MIDI tracks in the upper project window visible while removing the fader slot for MIDI channels in the lower project window.

Maybe this is only C13. In C12 that does not happen.

I guess if you turn sync filters off in one of the windowed mixers, it will also turn it off in the LZ mixer. Seems like a missing button/menu…