Visibility lost after an update...

After I updated Cubase to 6.0.4 I started to have an issue with saving files.
It’s not savings it self. It’s what happened after saving.
If I have any edit channel open plus any plug-in on my screen and I press quick save (ctrl S) Cubase is saving files but right after all that disappear from screen. Only what within Cubase window stays.
What I mean by within Cubase window is the fact that I have four monitors and I’m placing plug-in, edit channel on two outside monitors and cubase window extended on two middle ones.
In order to get back visibility on whatever was open on two outside once I have to go to the channel and click edit(on insert/send edit button) on each plug-in twice. Than everything comes back to normal.
And again - after I save - same story…
I repeat - I started experiencing it after I updated to 6.0.4 Cubase version.
Any suggestion

I expect there are not many people using more than 2 monitors… I’m only using 2 myself, I haven’t noticed this problem so I’ve only general suggestions:

First you could roll back to 6.0.3 to verify that it works OK again, then go back to 6.0.4 to see if it starts happening again. This will give a bit more info for Steinberg should they need it.

Also you could try check that you’re using the latest video card drivers.

Finally, you could perhaps reduce to 1 or 2 monitors just to test if it still happens. It could be drivers, it could be a problem specific to 4 monitors. I’m interested in finding out because I’m thinking of getting more monitors.

Also, maybe toggling the ‘AlwaysOnTop’ option may give some clues?


Is the same thing happening with autosave active? Otherwise that could be an alternative. Just save when you’re done with a session and let autosave take care of the rest.


I disabled auto-save but let me turn it back on so I can see if problem still exist.
I will check on drivers. I’m using two video cards. One for each pair of the monitors.
Let me try to go back to 6.0.3. But as far as I remember, that never happened before.
I’m using four monitors for around 6 months and I’m very happy with that idea. I have two 27" and two 21".
A lot of space for plug -ins etc.
I will let you guys know.