Visibility (new track) problem fixed!

Hey folks,

I’ve found a solution for the visibility problem (the fact that new tracks get added to all visibility configs).

The key to the workaround is the fact that when you add a new track, it’s automatically selected in all vis configs.

Therefore you can build a macro that will remove it from the first 8 vis-configs with a single keystroke (for all 8).

You need to run the macro immediately after adding each new track.

See the attached image.

I tried it.

It works!


Holy sh7t, i just realized, what’s even cooler is that if you use keyboard shortcuts to create new tracks, you could replace those shortcuts with macros that first makes your new track, then runs my vis fix macro, and it’ll remove that new track from your vis configs automatically!

Also cool is the fact that although it only removes the track from the first 8 vis configs, the mixer and project window have their own independent vis configs, so you can actually remove a new track from 16 vis configs in total with one keystroke.

EDIT: the macro doesn’t reliably remove the track from the vis configs in the other window.

So, if you’re doing it in the mixer view, you’ll also need to switch to the project view and run it again there, and vice versa.

Nice one. You have the real true Cubase spirit!

LOL, yeah, and to think, all this pfaffing around to thwart an idiotic “feature” that should never be there in the first place!

Thank you I will try this one, can be very very usefull…

Which is what? Adding hack solutions to problems that Steinberg should have fixed years ago?

Edit: Thanks for the tip Jazzius, I will try it out.