Visibility tab is always missing in my project view

The visibility tab is always missing in my project view, Im trying to setup multiple outputs from kontakt to each have there own track in the project view, NOT JUST THE MIXER, and realised this whole section is missing, Ive deleted my prefrences and reset every setting I can think of and cant get this back. thanks in advance

have you tried to right click on the Inspector tab and from there activate the Visibility tab?

Its not listed when I right click and it is on the right visible side under settings its pined

When I right click on the Inspector tab I get a drop down menu allowing me to show or hide the Visibility tab.

You don’t see that on your system?

no not there I cant right click in that area. only bellow it or above it

Can you right click on the Words “Track” or “Editor” at the very bottom of the Inspector?

no not track or editor either

I can right click the tabs on the Right zone no problem

Is it possible, that this feature is not included in Cubase Elements?

Can you configure the Track Visibility in the Mixer Window?

Side note: I’m not even sure, if you need the Visibility change in the project window. Do you just want to make several tracks to control different instruments in a Kontakt Multi?

If yes, just make new midi tracks in your project and send them to the different midi channels that your Kontakt instruments are listening to.

I can do it in the mixer window. I really just want all my out puts from kontakt to show up in the project window like old versions of cubase

I draw all my automation so its a pain to not have them in the project window, also the feature comparison of the different cubase versions says that they all have track visibility managment

Sorry I’m stumped - since I don’t have Cubase Elements. :thinking:

Same problem here. No Visibility Tab. No ability to click on inspector and add the tab. The visibility tab is supposed to be available on all parts of the software (Artist / Elements / Pro). I’m using Cubase Elements 11. Installation problem maybe.??