Visibility Tracks in MixConsole & MixConsole Configurations

hi all!

Any instrument, audio or other track additions made in Project Window are automatically reflected in the MixConsole window with visibility enabled.

If the added tracks, regardless of track type, were not automatically enabled in the MixConsole window, it would greatly simplify the management of Channel Visibility Configurations. We could add as many types of tracks without them being automatically added to the various configurations created by the user.

Currently, if we add a track type, this track is automatically added to all user-created configurations. The user must therefore deactivate the visibility of the track added to the various configurations where these are not desired.

Could we keep it simple and make sure that an X track added in the project window is not automatically visible in the Mixconsole window, so we could add as many as we want without these being reflected in the MixConsole window, so the user-created configurations.

Currently, Cubase’s way of doing things is wasting time in managing tracks in MixConsole window configurations.

Please, We can surely do better.


Please search the forum. It has been discussed many times here already.