Visivility tab for Midi editor.

Hi there!

Same as project and mixer windows, allowing to show / hide channels instead of individual events, as well as being able select the current recording channel and lock the midi editor so it doesn’t keep changing all the time when working along in the project window.

I usually deal with tons of midi tracks (orchestral kind of thing), and it really is very frustrating the fact that each time I click something on the project window to do some small edit, I have to go back and re-select all the events I was previously working on.
Same for recording, it is a constant mouse jumping to go from the Midi to the Project editor.


Preferences/Editors - uncheck “Editor Content Follows Event Selection”

Hey, thanks!, didn’t know about that, it should definitely help!

Still, a visibility tab would speed up workflow a lot and help avoiding the jumping between windows all the time.
Also having it per track as oppose to per event, would help when having lots of small events. In anything but a short session, it becomes a mess pretty quickly.
And, right now, we have to close the editor for the current selection and open a new one, or it will keep open new windows all over the place.

Still, really appreciate the tip!, I was looking for something like that, and looked everywhere but there :stuck_out_tongue: