Vista VS Linux should I switch?

Hi i am currently running windows vista on my laptop, and am getting extremly fed up with it :imp: When running cubase le 5 I keep getting ASIO time overloads, I have messed with the buffer/latency things but to no avail, the most annoying part is that its completly random when it happens, it coul work one time and 3 hours later (without touching my setup and/or settings) it starts blaring that annoying red light! So my question: should I stay with vista (is this possible to fix on vista) or should I go linux? (will it even run on linux?


Linux we do not support.

Please check your system with this little tool (DPC Latency Checker)

Check also your computers power-saving / over clocking options. This should all be turned off.



I tried the latency checker and my Alesis recording interface checks out fine, and the power saving options are set to absolute lowest.

Was there ever any serious consideration of supporting Linux, especially Debian based distros? If so, what were the talking points? I personally would be interested in a Linux version of Steinberg products.