Visual Accessibility Issues regarding bright white fonts and other elements

I am starting this thread to express my visual accessibility issues with Cubase 13 and other can post theirs as well as suggested by a moderator. Not so much likes or dislikes in features but Visual accessibility issues.

For me the white fonts and colors in general are too bright and have too much contrast. Which for me who has an over sensitivity to brightness am unable to use Cubase 13 for more than 5 to 10 minutes with out getting a headache and feel like I need to throw up. If I turn my brightness and contrast down on my monitor down all other music programs I use at the same time will be too dark.

Solution: Give us back the brightness and contrast back to a level that was comparable to Cubase 12 which I could use all day long or give Users the option in preferences to change the fonts, colors, brightness to our own liking.

P.S. for the Steinberg folks Most of the comment about the issues are in the “Cubase 13 is great, but the look changed for the worse”


Have you tried reducing the color strength in preferences? A slider to do this is in Preferences/User Interface/Track and Mix Console Channel Colors. I have set mine at about 60% and it changes the whole feel for me - not as saturated and overwhelming. I actually like it now.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion but that’s not the issue. Mine is down all the way. The brightness, contrast on the whites especially is too high.

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