Visual aid for tracking

Here comes a somewhat odd question: the drummer of a band that I work with relies a bit on visual cues when we record. When we tracked the previous album, I had an extra monitor set up for him next to the drum kit with just a copy of my main Cubase window. I used colored events to mark the different sections which worked pretty well, but I wanted to see if there’s an even better solution for the next recording.

My idea would be to have something on his monitor that is triggered by the position in the project, so he would simply see only a big label of the part. Then when a new part is coming up, something like a count-down leading up to it. Does anything like this actually exist?

Perhaps look into Steinberg’s VST Live. It allows you to connect a tablet and have it show lyrics in time with the music. Instead of lyrics, it of course could be instructions for your drummer.

PS. VST Live has its own forum here.

Thanks for your reply! Is it possible to run it synced to Cubase though?

From the little I’ve read about it, it would appear that it’s integrated with Cubase but the forum linked above would have more detailed knowledge. The features for live performing sound amazing!