Visual aids for composing; color coding, repeats

Hi there. I am really happy using Dorico for composing. But there are two things I really would like to be able to do, and either they are not possible (yet?), or I am just not smart enough to find out how to do them.

I have some minimalist tendencies. In other words, I like to repeat stuff. And also, would love to be able to split my scores in visually identifiable blocks so I can move them around and try stuff out or to make sure I don’t lose track of the structure and to be able to plan stuff more efficiently. How easier this stuff gets, the less distraction from technical details.

For repeating, I can of course use start/end repeat, and also specify how many times I want to repeat something. But: literal repeats are boring! Therefore, it would be nice if I could use start/end repeat to create a structure, but then afterwards tell Dorico to write out the repeats literally, as if I wrote them out myself without the start/end repeat stuff. If this were possible, I could later flesh out and vary details of the repeats to spice them up.

And for structure, it would be really cool if I could, for instance, color code slices of my score, and move these blocks around to rearrange them. In Cubase, I can split/join segments of midi data, label them and/or color code them. Someting like that! Since I like scores, and importing/exporting between Dorico and Cubase is not seamless (some information gets lost in translation; also, no copy&paste of midi data) I miss something similar in Dorico. Dorico of course lets you split flows. But rejoining them later after rearranging is not a breeze. It involves a lot of copy&pasting, and gets messy. (Where are my dynamics, tempo, metrum, etc.). And, to be honest. I like color coding stuff.

Does anybody have helpful ideas? Are there other composers who struggle with similar issues?

Yes, I work the same way. In practice I use Cubase to block out pieces, using aliases and the arranger to manage the structure and repeats. Then I use Dorico to do the proper score-writing.

For me to use Dorico for the blocking out it would essentially need to replicate a lot of functionality from Cubase.

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