Visual click/tempo plugin for Cubase?

Hi everyone!

Does anybody knows if that kind of plugin exist for Cubase?

A plugin that makes flash, let’s say a square, on the screen to follow tempo?

I need this for live application…
I’m running Cubase on a laptop, and I would like someting like that for everybody on stage to see and follow tempo of a sequence.


Aloha J
and kool idea.

The closest thing in C6 I can find to do that
is the ‘Time Display’ set to ‘Bars and Beats’.

Problems are:
1- you cannot get the display very large on the screen (for live work)

2- TD only works once the song has started.
(It would be nice to ‘see’ the tempo BEFORE the song starts).

How about this for a stupid/crude/clumsy work-a-round:

Make a QuickTime video of your hands ‘clapping’ the tempo
of a song and embed each song with it’s own
unique ‘QT tempo movie’.

That way when your are on stage and you load a song, the
appropriate video will also load and then you can
just enlarge the movie on the screen for all the others to see’

(However this still does not solve the problem of having
the tempo to show before the song starts).


Hey Curteye!

Yeah… I thaught about a video, but I want to keep the session as light as possible for live application.
The lighter the session, lighter the computer runs, less are the chances to have problems…

I saw Peter Gabriel live, and I think that he use a screen displaying the tempo with colors.
(Beat 1=green, beat 2=red, etc)
Probably custom made…

Anyone else?


I have also been searching for a flashing metronome without success. I often like to only use the metronome as a guide and then adjust the tempo track to my guide but it’s hard to ignore the click when wanting to move off the rigid beat whereas I could just not look at a visual one. Surly a software coder could do this fairly simply.

Cool idea indeed. Ages ago I wrote similar thing for Commodore128. It also flashed the screen on different colours while playing click on audio output.

Maybe I should give a try on this one. Does anyone know, where Steinberg provides a developer kit for MIDI plugins?

Just a thought but if you have BDF Eco, you could use the GUI which is a pretty large representation of a drum kit which displays hits in real time. Simply program your tempo using all drums and the entire kit would flash in time. Of course you could use any VSTi or plugin to do this but the Eco GUI is pretty impressive visually and large enough to see.

Good idea SuStudio, you could use Groove Agent 1 that way as well, everyone in this forum should have it :slight_smile: