visual clue wether sends are pre or post?


as the title says, is there any visual clue wether sends are pre or post fader?
this drives me nuts.

Yes the triangle alos shown in the manual.

a better solution for this issue has been requested several times already.
I hope Steinberg is listening!

thanks man.
wow, it’s so tiny and gray, hadn’t noticed it.
would be nice to have it at least colored.


better display of this information would be useful.

+1 !


The Mix Console view does show the proper status if you activate the Pre Fader send in Edit Channel window.
Sounds like an “issue” report is needed

i posted this a while ago …
i find it to be quite annoying… so plus 100 from me
also i would like some kind of visual aid to show me if a group /aux is in mono or stereo (any track come to that)
pls put an add 1 on my post in the suggestions area … the post is " bring back toggle switch for sends "