Visual differentiation for meters/channels based on meter mode

Hey alll,

I’ve been using Cubase since VST 3.7, up through SX, and now I’m using 12 Pro.

I change my metering point a lot during a session. If I’m recording I have meters set to the Input signal, and if I’m mixing (or not recording) I have them set for Post Panner.

It would be great if there was a visual indication for which mode the meters are in. I thought about changing color schemes for the Input meters, but I think it’s as simple as adding a pair of letters on the channel or on the meter (I for Input, PF for Post Fader, and PP for Post Panner). The latter approach may allow the user to change the mode more quickly by simply clicking on the letter and choosing one of the other options.

I don’t like to guess the mode and I hate diving through submenus to change the setting, so this feature would solve both issues.

Thanks for listening.