Visual editing

Hi from Sweden,
when I place the cursor on a certain bar and open Sample editor to edit a waveform, it opens at the end of the part or event so i have to press play, scroll or zoom out to see the place of the cursor, the same in key editor with midi too - this never happend i previous Cubase and i can’t find any settings for this.
I know it’s a minor problem but when you do it a lot of times it’s gets a little annoying.
All the best

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I press the [F] key twice. This disables/enables the Auto Scroll and force Cubase to show the Cursor position in the editor.

Thanks Martin for the rapid answer :smiley:
Yes I can do that. But what I know just found is that this only happens when play has been pressed and then when I press stop and open a part in sample editor it shows the previous startposition and not the cursor position.